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Efficut Saw Blades

The Efficut saw blades are 2.5 times faster compared to standard saw blades. The new tip design reduces contact with the material, increases efficiency of release waste and has a sharper bevel angle. This means your cuts are more efficient, and makes your battery last 2.4 times longer than compared to a standard blade.

Efficut Teeth
Special Tooth Design

Reduced tooth face increasing efficiency of off cut removal

Thin Kerf

Thin kerf to reduce the load during cutting for LONGER RUN TIME

Extra Hard Tip

For Longer life, long lasting blades

Laser Slots

To reduce vibration and noise

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Efficut TCTC Saw Blades
Efficut Metal
Efficut Wood
Efficut Wood Blades
Efficut Metal
Efficut Metal / Stainless Blades
Efficut Composite
Efficut Composite Deck Blades
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