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Here are some top FAQs about Makita tools and accessories.

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Q: How much does a xxx tool cost?
A: Makita does not set prices - please check your local dealer
Q: Where can I buy a tool / accessory / battery?
A: Check our Where to buy section for your nearest stockist
Q: Can I have a user manual for my tool?
A: Now available online - you can search for a tool by model number or just browse through the library alphabetically
Q: Where can I get my tool fixed?
A: Check our Service section for the nearest Makita and OPE service centres
Q: Where can I buy a Makita t-shirt?
A: Makita T-Shirts and other branded merchandise are only available to Club Makita members at this point in time.
Q: Do you have a register where I can record tool serial numbers in case of loss or theft?
A: Set up a MyMakita toolbox and you can record all your tools, Makita or other brands, for your safety. Simple and Safe.


Q: How do I have a product or technical support question answered?
A: You can contact our support team using any of the methods on our Contact Us page - and we will get back to you
Q: Can you make up a special kit for me please?
A: Contact us for any special requests and we will try and help
Q: What is the advantage of buying a slide compound saw over a regular compound saw?
A: Slide compound mitre saws typically deliver larger cross-cutting capacity over comparable non-slide compound mitre saws.
Q: What is AVT?
A: AVT (Anti-Vibration Technology) is Makita’s exclusive counterbalance system that reduces vibration up to 3-times less than competitive models.
Q: Does "over discharging" have a negative affect on the battery?
A: Yes. Once you notice the performance of the tool diminishing (i.e. it starts to slow down and is not useful), stop using the tool and charge the battery. To continue discharging the battery below the level that it will not power the tool may result in damaging the battery and decreased run times and cycle life.
Q: Do I have to use only Makita oil mix in my 2-stroke tool?
A: Makita offers 2-stroke engine oil for use in its products equipped with 2-stroke engines. But any TC3-grade 2-stroke oil is formulated for use in these products. Please refer to the Instruction Manual to confirm the proper grade of oil on your particular model.
Q: Is a random orbit sander better than a regular finishing sander?
A: If applied properly, both types of sanders can be effective per their specific applications. Random orbit sanders typically remove more material in less time, as the sanding base moves in an orbital and rotating random motion.